About JM Beauty

Hi everyone Jaymes Mansfield here bringing you yet another website! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m proud to bring you my line of wigs. You’ve seen me style all kinds of hair on my YouTube channel. From party stores, to goodwill, to high end human hair. I’ve been styling hair online for a few years, and I wanted to bring you a product that is my very own. I’m excited to showcase my own line of wigs.

My wig collection has a variety of options for you to choose from. All my lace front wigs are hand tied, and some wigs listed are personally styled  by me and hand tied ErnieReyy for a one of a kind wig appearance. Be sure and read my product descriptions to get a better understanding of what personal touch is going into your wig as each wig is different from the other. Use these tools to decide what wig is the best option for you and suits your needs. It brings me great pride knowing I can provide you a one of a kind hair experience. 

 As an influential influencer, I have searched the world for what I believe are the most gorgeous wigs. And a queen must always look gorgeous . Let my wigs be the beautiful topper to your look!! We have a fun range of colors and even some custom styled wigs that are ready to wear. Or if hairstyling is your passion purchase a wig to follow along with me on my latest transformation. I can’t wait to see how fabulous you will look!